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Welcome to DC!

For quite some time I’ve marveled at our Nation’s Capital and the infusion of cultures in this melting pot of a city. Running leadership conferences in Washington, DC has allowed me to experience more of its diversity, hidden gems, and local staples that you must visit whether you’re a resident or a tourist. I have also become the DC tour guide for friends and family who are visiting, and I’d love to share a couple of those visits in hopes of highlighting some of the best I believe this city has to offer.

First up, a free day in the DuPont Circle area with my best friend. Our first stop is Kramers (1517 Connecticut Ave. NW) because I know we can grab a deliciously affordable bite to eat while I utilize their Wi-Fi. Kramers is a Bookstore that opened in the 70’s and is most known for being the first bookstore to feature a café in DC. After a day of creativity at work, I decide to stop by nearby DuPont Underground for an innovative perspective on art.

DuPont Underground (19 DuPont Cir. NW) is a sub-terrain creative space for artistic expression, where many urban artists can showcase installations underneath the hustle and bustle of DuPont Circle. We walk down the stairs of the abandoned metro entrance, graffiti lining the walls as a guide, only to be told, “Sorry we’re closing.” After standing on our tippy toes to see some of the colorful imagery, we decide to take a few flicks on our way out, with the graffiti as our background.

We walk over to Swingers Crazy Golf (1330 19th St. NW), an indoor mini-golf club, with a vibrance that is unmatched. We walk into what appears to be an indoor carnival from the 1850s. Initially the amazing aromas from the 4 street food vendors located inside hit you, followed by the sounds of laughter and the live DJ playing top 40 hits. Pro-tip: it’s best to book a reservation to squeeze into their busy mini-golf rotations!

The next stop is an easy choice; my favorite place, SURFSIDE TACOS!” Surfside (1800 N St. NW) is a DC staple, a 24-hour Mexican restaurant and taco stand and is home to DC’s best tacos. I order my go-to, the Nevis: shrimp tacos with pineapple mango salsa, and a side of chips and guacamole for the road.

Next up, a tour of the National Mall with one of my brothers. Starting with the National Museum of African American History and Culture (1400 Constitution Ave. NW), Museum of American History (1300 Constitution Ave. NW), and Museum of Natural History (10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington).

To get the best view of the area surrounding the National Mall we rent some bikes with Capital BikeShare and pedal towards the Tidal Basin to see the sights on the way to Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (1964 Independence Ave SW); where we find inspiration in the quotes and the 30 ft. tall presence of Dr. King. Making sure to make it to Thomas Jefferson Memorial (16 E Basin Dr SW) as the sun sets.

After a lap around the tidal basin, we decide to make time for some fun by pedaling to the newly opened International Spy Museum (700 L'Enfant Plaza SW). The museum is an immersive super sleuth experience where you and a team can crack-codes, collect evidence, and learn from the top intelligence agents in the business.

Capital One Arena (601 F St NW) in the heart of Chinatown is a short Uber ride away and drops us off to hear the heartbeat of the city, Go-Go Music, as street performers outside of the home of the Washington Wizards and Mystics put on a show.

DuPont Circle is one of my favorite areas in Washington, DC. As an educator, the high number of embassies in this area and the historic landmarks that house them is powerful. While there are many different cultures that are highlighted in this upbeat part of the city, experiencing its rich history is a must and the houses Washington, DC’s richest history. One thing is certain, both areas will provide you with open windows to the soul of DC!

Joe Thompson, Product Delivery

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