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What's In A Name?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Hello, WorldStrides and welcome to the first installment of our event blog!

We are only 7-weeks from our first One WorldStrides Conference where we will bring together hundreds of team members in-person, while simultaneously live-streaming across the globe for those team members participating via many of our international offices. To celebrate the next chapter of our future as One WorldStrides, we are thrilled to present the One WorldStrides Conference – EDGE 2022!

So, what’s in a name? We’re glad you asked. In collaboration with our Marketing Team, the conference name and logo were selected to represent key elements of our brand and mission, and we are excited to share the meaning with you. EDGE represents Education, Diversity, Growth, and Experience and the letter placement within the globe shape represents a company poised to break out, bursting with opportunity and growth. The globe shape itself represents our global presence and mission to transform the lives of students and travelers across the world. Finally, the WorldStrides brand colors are used as a rainbow to reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Why Washington, DC? Another great question! While we know it’s been an incredibly challenging 18- months for our business, we have continued to expand our reach; enabling students to see beyond the classroom, to see the world, and ultimately help them grow as people and global citizens. We continue to succeed by leveraging our decades of collective experience and unshakeable commitment to our mission, resulting in millions of students learning, growing, and exploring without borders; all of which began almost 60-years ago with a teacher-led student trip to Washington, DC. We invite you all to join us in a city where history is not only remembered but created every day. After all, what greater place to continue to write our story than where our story began?

This time together will provide an invaluable opportunity for networking as well as professional and personal development. We believe profoundly in experiential learning and this will be a place where we can share experiences, learn new skills, and meet other team members. It will be experiential learning at its best.

We encourage you to continue to stay in touch with us by logging on to this page to see weekly updates, news, and more. We have also included an easy way for you to submit inquires via the submission box on this event page. We can’t wait to see you all soon!

One WorldStrides Conference Team

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